About Sárvár. (pictures here!)

Sárvár is situated in the western part of Hungary. This small town is very rich in cultural, and historical sights. One of Sárvár’s characteristic features is the Nádasdy-castle dating back to the Middle Ages. Its white spire, arching bridge and perpendicular internal court are all unique features of the Renaissance castle flanked by trees planted in the moat. The arboretum near the castle has several rarities including over 350 species of trees and bushes.

The rowing lake, the River Rába, the parks and green woods all provide ideal conditions for all age groups to rest, take trips and simply just spend a few memorable days in and around the town.
Sárvár provides several cultural, sporting and entertainment facilities for all its visitors.Those who opt for active recreation, can do cycling, fishing, hunting, riding and touring in the breath-takingly beautiful natural environment. The River Rába provides ideal conditions to make paddle boat and canoeing tours.

Tourists also like to visit the town for its high-quality cultural programmes e.g. the International Folklore Festival organised every year for the past seven years, the International Brass Band Festival, the Simon-Judas nation-wide open-air market, and also the so-called Historic Days

Pannonia Ring, where international car and motorbike races for amateurs and professionals are held, is a unique sporting facility just 6 kms off Sárvár.

The wellnessbath.

The new Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár, which conforms to international standards, was opened on the 1st of December 2002.
The aim of this new facility is to cater for all generations. It covers an area of 55 000 sq metres and contains a water surface area of 3 600 square metres. All this awaits potential visitors along with numerous healing, health maintenance and recreational services. ...

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